I am finalising my PhD in the Centre for Creative & Cultural Research at the University of Canberra, Faculty of Arts & Design. You can read a blog post on my pre-submission seminar here. You can find my MFA thesis and other things on Academia. I write an occasional blog on things archives here Rambunctious Archives.


Talks and presentations

Curham L, Hanisch J. (2014). Towards improved metrics for information management. InForum, Records and Information Management Professionals Australasia conference, Adelaide.

Ihlein L & Curham L. (2015). Tending the Archive. Australian Society of Archivists conference, Hobart ASA talk 2015 ‘Tending the Archive’.

Curham, L. (2015). Tending the Archive. Talk to National Archives of Australia, Government Information Assurance and Policy branch professional update seminar.

Ihlein L & Curham L. (2015). Panel convenors ‘Re-enactment / Repetition / Reiteration / Re-performance as embodied research’, Art Association of Australia & NZ (AAANZ) Conference, QAGOMA, Brisbane.

Curham L. (2016). Tending the Archive. Australasian Association for the Digital Humanities conference, Hobart Digital Humanities talk 2016 ‘Tending the Archive’.

Curham L. (2016). ‘Re-enactment practitioners’ chat’, convenor and presenter. Westspace, Melbourne.

Curham L. (2016). The Filmmaker is Present. Australian Screen Production Education and Research Association conference ASPERA 2016.

Curham L. (2016). Observing the Re-enactment. Scenes of the Real symposium, Department of Performance Studies, University of Sydney.

Curham L. (2016). Expressive Instructions for Re-enactment. AAANZ conference ‘The Work of Art’, Canberra.

Curham L and Jolly M. (2016). Convenors ‘In the Footsteps of Others’ panels for AAANZ conference ‘The Work of Art’, Canberra.

Curham L. (2017). Tending the archive: ritual as preservation; enfolding preservation into use; and preservation as a community enabler through the case study of (Wo)Man With Mirror, a re-enactment of a 1970s artwork. ‘Shock of the New’, Australasian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Materials joint SIG symposium, Melbourne.

Curham, L. (2017). When the Record Performs. Australian Society of Archivists’ annual conference, Melbourne.

Curham L. (2019). Creative Knowledge Management, PriceWaterhouseCoopers Festival of Creativity, Canberra.

Curham L. (2019). Having Opinions in Digital Preservation, Australasia Preserves talks series, online.

Curham L. (2019). The Wisdom Travels With the Object. ‘Archives in the Digital Age’ symposium for the launch of the Kaldor Digital Archives, Art Gallery of NSW.


Ihlein, L & Curham, L. (2015). ‘Reaching Through To the Object: Re-Enacting Malcolm Le Grice’s Horror Film 1’. Performance Matters 1 (1-2): 24–40.

Curham L. (2016). ‘Caring for Live Art That Eludes Digital Preservation’. In Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Digital Preservation, 266–67. Bern, Switzerland: Swiss National Library.

Curham, L. (2017). ‘Performing Digital Multiple Perspectives on a Living Archive’. Archives and Manuscripts, 45(2), 167–169.

Non-traditional research outputs

Curham, L. (2015). dLux Media Arts Significance Assessment Report. Sydney: dLux Media Arts.

Curham L. (2015). A film of one’s own [archive fever] solo exhibition. Canberra: PhotoAccess.

Bullock O, Curham L, Florance C. (2016). Tracer. Performance for haiku, prepared screens and super 8 film. Canberra: You Are Here Festival.

Cairncross B & Curham L. (2017). ‘The Parliament of Owls’, Underbelly Arts Festival, Sydney.

Curham, L & Di Centa, D. (2018). In a Bone Way performance, Dance on the Edge season, Belconnen Arts Centre, Canberra.

Curham L & Loo L. (2019). The Stand-in Lab exhibition. Canberra: PhotoAccess.

Curham L & Griswold E. (2019) Dots and Loops Festival of New Music, Brisbane.

Curham L & Cairncross B. (2019). In ‘Extra! Extra!’ organised by Lucas Ihlein, in the 50 Years of Kaldor Public Art Projects exhibition, Art Gallery of NSW.

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